Preparing for spring by eating more

I stopped my calorie restrictive diet last month and have been enjoying the extra 400 calories I eat in the form of take out and carbs. I haven’t gained a single pound- probably because I am lightly active throughout the day. I usually track my calories in my head but when I’m not sure I use the app my fitness pal. I’m preparing for an overseas trip where I’ll be around lots of yummy food, so my goal is to just maintain my weight while there. I eat around 1700 calories a day and make sure to move a bit like cleaning, walking or yoga twice a week. I think the fact that I don’t feel pressure to look like a model helps with maintaining my weight tremendously. My confidence is rooted in my faith and who I am as a person. I look at food as nourishment and something to enjoy rather than the enemy. Basically this beach is gonna get whatever body I give it and I don’t surround myself with judgemental assholes who try to compete with you or insist you have a six pack. It’s really all about outlook at the end of the day. You’ll attract whatever you feed your mind, so fill it with positive thoughts.
The weather is starting to warm up so I’ll be walking and hiking a lot more which I’m really looking forward to. I don’t do anything rigorous just enough to give my dog and daughter some air. I’ll still do yoga about twice a week and stick to 1600-1700 calories. At this point the amount of calories I eat has become natural; I eat whatever I want in moderation and stop when I’m full. Aside from my pregnancy I’ve been the same weight for the last three years. I can finally say at 34 I’ve officially figured out what works for my body.
Good luck with your food and exercise journey and keep reading! My next post will be a travel/ vacation one.


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