Beirut musing

So much uncertainty in Libya at the moment. It has me thinking about the last time I was there in 2012. After doing a bit of online research to read people’s comments and a few articles I take a good half hour to meditate and relax. I let thoughts flow to me and invite memories back in. I ask myself to remain calm and wonder how I can contribute to the overall dialogue, if at all. I find its best to be around people who have a sound energy about them. I wish I was near my dad who is a politician. Then I think about my new passion project which relates to Libya and envision its progression. It’s a slow process. One that involves making space emotionally in order to have the ability to create. I feel like basking in the sun, except there’s not that much sun on this balcony in the Beirut mountains. I want to be surrounded by art- or go on a drive and stare at window shops.
Maybe it’s my form of escapism when stories of war are told. Maybe there will be a military solution to the militias in Tripoli. Will America help? Bad question. Redirecting my thoughts to the full moon in Aries. Proclaiming my power and confidence. I can get past bad memories of war torn Libya. And i can hope for the best while the picture remains unclear.


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