You’re not lazy, you’re exhausted.

I stuck to my mindful eating/calorie restricted diet for a week and lost two pounds! I am giving myself the weekend to enjoy more food (in moderation), and regroup mentally before I start again tomorrow.
I thought I would be able to do Bikram every other day but now it’s looking like two or three times a week. It’s hard to find the time with work and caring for my daughter, but more often than not I’m just tired.
It would be great if I could work out every day but I’ve found it’s not necessary for weight loss. One of these days I’d like to pack on some muscle and maybe then I’ll work out more but for now I’m just happy being me. In my experience, two to three times of exercise a week is enough to show results and keep the weight off combined with a proper diet.
I love the yoga high though so definitely looking forward to practicing tomorrow.
My mantra for the weekend: I am kind to myself. My existence matters and I don’t need to work out every day.


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