Bikram for the strong

Found the motivation to go to yoga early this morning.
My joints have been achy lately and I feel my hips locking up. I’ve been spending most of my days sitting so my spine isn’t in alignment. The solution: Bikram yoga. When a room is heated to 108 degrees Fahrenheit you can move deeper in the poses and really stretch your body out. I also love practicing Bikram when I want more mental clarity. It may seem like an extreme sport-I’ve been taking Bikram classes for years and still find it difficult- but you can stop whenever you need a break. It’s 90 minutes of inferno stretching but it’s sooo worth it! I feel like a million bucks now. My muscles feel more toned I’m not achy and my hips and spine feel strong. I purchased the 30 day Groupon and I like going every other day so my goal is to try and do that.
I’m about a week into my healthy eating plan so I think working out came naturally and at the right time. If you don’t like yoga just try being active in whatever way you enjoy. Spring is around the corner and you’ll want to feel good while enjoying the sunshine!
Happy Friday! Peace and Blessings. Namaste.


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