Mindful eating and clarity.

Hey guys. I am still going steady on my healthy eating plan. I don’t feel restricted because I allow myself to eat carbs. I started noticing some of the bloat in my belly go down and I’m in good spirits. Today was also a creative day. I brainstormed about an idea that has been on my mind for a while now. It’s a new publication I want to create. I’m glad I had a clear vision of it today. I’ll post more about it as it develops, but for now I’ll just say it will be something positive concerning the Libyan community.
We don’t often realize that our emotions can be the source of our cravings. Libyans belong to a complex and beautiful culture, but also one that is riddled with grief and violence. This can manifest itself in your psyche and even impact your willingness to eat or your desire to overeat. When I first came across the term mindful eating, I was a freshman in college and struggling with my weight. I started to slowly pay more attention to why and when I was eating. I realized I would use food to fill a void or comfort my feelings of lonliness. It’s an uphill battle but one I’ve been able to conquer by training my mind to be constantly aware. This includes the food and type of food I consume. I ask myself is it filling, is it nutritious and how will I feel after I eat it? Today I had eggs, fruit, veggies, a falafel sandwich for lunch and a piece of baklava. I’m not hungry so will probably just drink some water and call it a night. I haven’t gone to yoga yet but purchased the Groupon so that’s a step. February is a short month so I hope to continue with the three hundred calorie deficit until the end of the month.
Happy almost Friday!


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