Some accountability pie

It’s a new week, the weather is nice and the sun is out! So I’m super motivated to take my dog on a long walk. For those of you who haven’t started their weight loss journey or just struggling with it, I think giving yourself the mental space to regroup can be helpful. A lot of
times it’s really your thoughts that are keeping you back. You tell yourself you’ll never look as good as the girl on your Instagram or that pro-athlete so you think ‘fuck it’ and have another Dorito. Other times you reward yourself for eating healthy for three days and end up going completely overboard. Kind of like I did last night. It’s important to recognize these thoughts and acknowledge they aren’t going anywhere. That sounds glum but it’s the truth. We all have intrusive thoughts. What we can do is counteract their presence with positive ones. So you can say to yourself “I don’t need to look like her I want to look like this version of me,” or “I’m not a pro-athlete but I can still be healthy.” The more positive thoughts you feed yourself the easier life becomes.
Now for the basic math:
Breakfast: black coffee. 0 calories. Major breakthrough for me. I was always a snob about drinking my coffee with creamer and milk and please don’t judge sometimes even sugar. I thought people who drank their coffee black had black souls and no sense of humor. But walah i did it and it tastes good! I didn’t die and it’s nearly 5 pm and I’m still in a good mood. I figure if I can handle being pregnant and birthing a child I can handle drinking my coffee black like a grown-up. Anyway I saved myself 150 calories.
Lunch: two dates, and a chicken salad. About 450 calories.
Snacks: rasberries and turkey (nothing fancy just the cold cuts)
For dinner I’m making cilantro chicken, rice and salad. I’ll skip the rice or just have a few bites and have a snack of yogurt and an apple around 8 pm.
All in all I’m looking at about 1300 calories today.
It’s Monday and I’ve been productive all day so don’t think I’ll have any problems with the follow through tonight. As we all know when dieting days matter, so my focus is just on getting to Tuesday without overeating. Also, people have asked me why I want to diet if I’m already skinny, the short answer is because I want to. But the longer answer is because I gained weight in my belly from three months of overeating and I like how my clothes fit when I don’t have that extra weight around my middle. I also do realize I can weight train and get rid of it instead of calorie-cut but for now this is what works with my lifestyle. I do want to delve into weight-training as I get older but for now I’m still into yoga and walking. In the meantime keep reading and if you don’t reach your daily goal (not saying you won’t but we’re human it happens) journal about it and hold yourself accountable. You have willpower and you can follow-through. Positive thinking leads to better results. Good luck everyone!


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