Bday Reflections

As I reflect on my birthday this year in particular, my thoughts drift towards my daughter and how her birth is really the theme of my 2018. Having a child ages you. I now have very visible wrinkles when I smile and I’m in bed by 10 sometimes 9:30 pm. My daughter is my biggest responsibility and my subconscious hears it loud and clear.
That’s how I’ve changed. Aside from my fundamental outlook on life which did a 180 in 2013, my very core has become tougher, more sturdy, assertive and instrinsically humanistic.
This isn’t a celebratory post although I feel really content with
myself and my relationships in general, even as I type this. I’d like to consider this post a positive journal entry and a reminder of how I felt a few days after Thanksgiving and a few days before my birthday (December 4).
People with bad intentions, El ojo malo or evil eye is still as real as ever in my book, but I feel protected because I believe in karma and prayer, and in the Universal Law.
To anyone other than Jay-Z
who shares my birthday please have fun and be safe.


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