For the love of hookah

Hookah saved my life yesterday. Well, my afternoon at least. My new year got off to a rough start and I was feeling down in the dumps. I had the house to my self and decided to
journal my thoughts and manifest for the new year. I lit up my hookah and 45 minutes later I felt like a new human! Almost instantly after smoking I can feel my anxiety melt away.
I don’t smoke everyday but hookah has been there for me in moments like this. It’s also been there for me when I’ve felt socially awkward in group settings. In college I wrote an essay on the origins of hookah or hubbly bubbly (I prefer to say shisha when speaking Arabic). I have friends that have been smoking for years and friends that only recently started to on social occasions. I probably smoke once or twice a week and when I do I let my thoughts trail off. I’ve been thinking how great it would be to open up a Hookah shop and have people from all walks of life in and out. If I decide to do that in the future you’ll hear it here first. Here’s to smoking in moderation!
Update: I prefer coconara coal and Al Fakher tobacco. I smoke grape mint usually but I like all flavors except double apple!


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