Fall to winter

The weather has been getting colder here in the DC area and I always use this time of year to find a hobby that keeps me warm 🙂 for me it’s Bikram Yoga. I start off with the 30 days unlimited package then go a few times a week as the season progresses. With Bikram you notice the change in the way your body feels after the first class. All your joints feel less achy, your spine is straight and you feel stronger. I don’t do the 30 days consecutively because of schedule restraints mainly, but I also like to give my
body a 24 hour test period in between the instense poses the class offers.
I also think the holidays are a great time to travel and start a new creative project because you enter the New Year with a new experience under your belt and something you’re working on and getting settled in.
I always partake in Halloween and Thanksgiving activities. I’ve gone to a pumpkin patch and haunted house and will be dressing up next weekend (might start posting photos on this blog) and passing out candy Halloween Day. Halloween and Thanksgiving for me are fun activities that celebrate history not
Religion and I just like to get in the spirit of it all. I don’t celebrate Christmas but we grew up getting presents from our parents on Christmas so we wouldn’t feel left out. I haven’t decided if I’ll continue this tradition with my family or not but I can get behind the pretty decor.
Happy Monday and make sure to use this time Of year to reflect, initiate and execute. Somethings in the air and success may be right around the corner.


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