Flying: A Paragraph or Two

I’m one of those people who enjoys flying. I love airplane food and movies on a small screen. I love the feeling of being suspended in the air, closer to God or something else out there in the Universe. Give me a window seat and i’ll get lost in my own thoughts, staring in wonder as the plane takes off into a world where any dream seems possible. For me it’s always been a way to clear my mind. Flying is an escape from the ugly world of news and politics and wars. It means for a moment in time you are above that world, and so is everyone else sharing the journey with you. Humanity claps. —

I learned an important lesson while visiting Cairo and Istanbul: trust the direction that life leads you in. But most importantly stay true to yourself. When my father got sick and was in a coma,  I was reminded just how short life is and contemplated my own purpose on Earth. I believe in storytelling. In sharing one’s own thoughts so that those who happen to think like you feel comforted. After all, if you don’t write your own story you’ll only end up a part of someone else’s —

Things happen the way they’re supposed to. Keep your intentions pure and never intentionally hurt anyone. Most importantly live life for you, not for show as social media platforms and society keep on insisting.

On an airplane I think of the near east. Of Libya of Palestine of Syria, and wonder why I live in an era that is stained with blood and conflict. I’m not much of a talker but I sometimes wonder if the person next to me thinks like I do or are there thoughts more mundane.

Travel Diaries.


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