Groundhog Day

It’s February 1! So as promised this blog will be about health. I started mindful eating two days ago and may transition to a stricter diet next week. With mindful eating I’m just aware of what I consume and make it a point to cut calories. So for example, I’ll have one pizza instead of two, stop when I’m full and definitely limit my sugar intake to a small slice of cake rather than the whole piece. This technique has worked well for me in the past. In fact, I lost most of my baby weight by not restricting myself yet practicing mindful eating.
Here’s a quick example of what I ate today:
Breakfast: coffee with Dunkin Doughnuts creamer and a splash of milk. A small piece of chocolate cake.
Lunch: four eggs with two slices of thinly sliced cheddar cheese.
Snack: Rasberries and turkey breast
Dinner will be tuna on leafy greens with tomato.
Snack: apple with green tea or chamomile
All in all this comes out to around 1350 calories. I don’t excercise daily yet but plan on starting to next week which will allow
me to eat more. I’ve found this
method doesn’t deprive me and I can incorporate it in my social settings.
I’m 5’2 and 106 pounds so I can lose weight staying around 1200-1400 calories a day. I’ve gained five pounds which I may or may not lose depending on how active I am. The 5 pounds I gained have been from a solid three months of eating a lotttt so I’d like to at least get back in the groove of things. My focus is to just be on a daily eating plan to keep me disciplined.
The yoga I practice is power yoga that involves your own body weight so my goal this month is to be consistent about attending classes.


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