There’s only one side Mr. President

There are times in life when a clear example of right vs wrong is presented before us. Instead of trying to rationalize or sympathize with what is wrong we must hold tighter to our convictions and notions of what is just. The events in Charlottesville, where white supremacists marched to spew their rhetoric of “peaceful ethnic cleansing” were an example of an instance where we must reaffirm what is right and believe in where our individual moral compass points. It’s not enough to say violence is wrong, or as the President claims there were “fine people on both sides.” Rather, we need a strong clear stance of what is wrong. There should be no doubt in the President’s mind that white supremacy and those that marched in favor of it are on the wrong side of history. To blame the other side, to say they were violent in their reaction to Nazis or that they didn’t have permits, is merely masking the truth and offering a way out for a set of ideals which should have no place in present times.

Who are you and where is your moral compass? In times of injustice do you cower and try to see the other side, or do you fervently and proudly stand up for what is right?

Shout out to Governor Terry MCAuliffe for providing the world with an example of what true leadership is.


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