3amti Badriyah

اللهم أجعل قبرها نورآ على نور اللهم اجمعنا بيها في جنتك يارب

Born in 1928 under the Italian colonization of Libya, you told us about your childhood, your schooling and your attachment to my late Grandma, may she too rest in peace.

I remember your adorable manner of speaking, your homemade food which I ate even though I can’t stand saman, and your beautiful backyard, the one with no roof and grape and olive trees. In the summer it was a gathering spot for all of us, and some of my fondest childhood memories are of you making us tea with nuts.

I remember you said “sams” instead of “shams”, I remember you prayed while whispering, I remember you slept so peacefully, and I remember you laughed so easily. Your sense of humor was similar to my fathers’ and he loved you dearly as you did him.

You witnessed historical changes throughout your life, the type that would change a person and make them hard, but you remained soft and loving yet strong.

I smile when I think of you Dear Aunt. Thank you for being you.


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