The risk of maintaining your CSR

In a world where employee diversity can be categorised in pronouns and marriage is a thing of the past, is it wise to hold on to your companies traditional values and reputation?
If your company had men and women operating on the ground in 2015, chances are you noticed the difference in corporate behaviour with international companies vs those of American organizations. In my experience, the less defined CSR is the more chaotic the office.

Libyaabroad strives to operate with prudence, and has detailed notes of every interaction going all the way back to 2008. What looks like a changing stimulus can actually be an unwavering choice to adhere to strict rules.

In offices where LibyaAbroad was present, corporate social awareness was often far-sighted and not a topic of discussion in the workplace. People seemed to operate in a utopia that didn’t abide by the rules of the land. What impact did this have on other operations?

As we continue our research, feel free to reach out with questions and concerns. Our social media was created to foster discussions about modern communication.


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