Rumi & Yoga

Last night I read Rumi Whispers of the Beloved again. I was in Libya when the Muslim Brotherhood destroyed several Sufi sites. Sufism is part of Libya’s heritage and being there at that time was heart wrenching. I hope Libyans understand the concept of freedom of religion.

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for 12 years. I enjoy Hatha and Power Yoga the most. You don’t need yoga to understand Rumi but it helps.

I challenge you to read pages 30-40 and see how you feel afterward.

This book needs to be read in it’s entirety but here’s a quote for those with short attention spans~

“The one who cuts off your head is your friend. The one who puts it back is a deceiver. The one who weighs you with his troubles is your burden. But the one who truly loves you will set you free.”


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