New home

I’ve been living in Cairo for 10 months-the longest stretch I’ve ever lived in the Middle East. I’ve been forced to Speak Arabic, which don’t think has had any effect on my accent. I’ve learned things about myself that I wouldn’t have if I stayed in my comfort zone. In fact, part of the reason why I was okay with living here for a while was I knew I’d be pushed out of my comfort zone.

I haven’t been writing often because I’ve been busy with work but I forgot how calming it is to journal and put your thoughts on paper. I went to an Arab ladies dinner recently and felt like I was being grilled. All the focus was on me and what my life was about rather than naturally flowing conversation. It kills people when they don’t know your business. If you have something good I recommend you don’t overshare it. As Khalil Gibran said, “People ruin beautiful things.”

New Home

You comfort me during the day and I lie wide awake at night, squinting and staring at the light. Your love sustains me like a tower and guides me like a compass. I’ll take a different route today, but tomorrow I will remember the seeds planted on the sandy deck, and the breeze of the desert as it hit my shoulders and neck.

Will you come out and play or sleep all day? It should be you asking me those questions; have you ever wondered about the irony of a Muslim wedding on Christmas Day? What about the leaves where we’re going, will their colors inspire love songs and magic wands…

Tell me about the future. I’ve always enjoyed hearing my future. Scribbles in a coffee cup, just for fun! I rarely drink the Arabic or Turkish coffee but make it so I can listen to the story.









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