With every season we must turn a new chapter. Some people live one thousand lives this way, always learning, taking in experience and appreciating life for what it is: mystery, cheery days, events, friends, family, dinners, events, health, no wealth, sometimes success, sometimes sickness and wealth, sometimes if you’re lucky love.

Have you ever been to the bottom of the ocean, just to swim? And then upon reaching the surface remembering the fish, how they mocked your fins and long limbs. Have you ever been to the place where two continents collide, a father and son pray side by side, and a man and his girlfriend drink under the dark sky. Have you ever been here, in this exact chair, where a barber’s shop is visible on the right side?

And have you ever felt small enough to hide from the biggest responsibility you did in fact chose to find?

Just hide for one moment in Time. Leaves will shift, and maybe snow will fall. The sun will rise and then finally time will stop and you’ll be by each other’s side.


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