Dictator Stamp. Idealism

You Again. And the Inner Peace that Accompanies every thought like Pure Honey  on a Green Tea Leaf. You and all that you are– and all I’m sure you will be– high above the clouds somewhere not for me. You in my night a shining star, how have I dwelt without your love and lived and laughed so far?

Torture means to endure a trial without and end date or watch a flag burn from afar. Torture means to never forget who you are, circle the earth with no particular purpose or get in the way of a shooting star.

Torture means rectal feeding and reptiles breathing down the hall. Torture is not knowing to which home your going, a mountain, a staircase and the sound of broken dreams to accompany your fall. — 

Winter then spring. And this promise of Happiness on the side, of a lifetime of misery by your side.

#shesaid Torture 🙂 poem. impromptu.


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